Welcome to the home of Putti Village, Uganda, a community comprised of some 1,500 people, with approximately equal numbers of villagers practicing Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Putti Village Assistance Organization (PVAO) is working closely with all the inhabitants of Putti Village to promote a sustainable community that empowers its children, women, and men by ensuring their access to food, education, and ecological sustainability so that they may pursue the dreams they have for today and for future generations to come.

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  • Read about the history of the Abayudaya – comprising a third of Putti Village is this unique Orthodox Jewish congregation in Eastern Uganda.

    History of the Abayudaya
  • Come visit Putti Village. Together we can build a brighter tomorrow. Our visitors leave charged and changed – learning what community life can be from our Ugandan brothers and sisters.

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Rain Drops

Blessings of Arrival – Blessings of Rain

Here much have been lectured about the miracle of Purim by many different, Rabbis. We have been answering and revising questions about the upcoming festival of Purim. We are glad to inform you that all this work has been done in Hebrew. Thanks to Rav Menachem Weinberg. We are looking forward to finishing more text […]

Parking Tickets

Parking Tickets & Electric Trains – Miraculous!

It is been a very successful day for us. This morning, after Shaharis, Rav Yair picked us up from Yeshiva and drove us to Yerushalaim. On our way there he gave us two red apples that we had never had before since we come to Israel and of course, they are very expensive for one […]

Putti Village Assistance Organization & Developing African Villages

Putti Village Assistance Organization & Developing African Villages

The new CD is out!!!! I am so proud of the music on this recording. The musicians in the village were amazing and the New Yorkers (brian glassman, dave solomon, Jim Mussen and Binyomin Ginzberg) lifted the voices to a new place. all proceeds go back to helping the community

iTunes - Music - "I Love to Sing ' (Music of the Ugandan Jews)


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Music From Putti
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